Programming Languages
C#, C++, Objective-C

SQL Server, MySQL

(D)COM, TCP/IP, Web Services, SOAP, OPC

Operating Systems and Technologies
Windows, CentOS, .NET, WPF, Silverlight

.NET Projects:
Planning Phase
Technology consultation and selection assistance
Estimation of the development or migration costs
Selection of the .NET programming languages (C #, VB.NET, Managed C++)
Migration strategy for Windows applications (of VB 6,0, COM, ATL, MFC…) to .NET
Architecture consultation: Windows application or Web application? Use of Web services?
Know-how transfer to your coworkers in your enterprise
Development of solution drafts in product requirement specifications
Development of prototypes
Development of an efficient and future-oriented architecture
OPC ConsultingImplementation Phase
Implementation and integration of .NET solutions into existing IT worlds
Time and cost-efficient implementation of your projects
Planning and implementation of .NET Web services
Development of components for your applications
Migration of existing applications to .NET
OPC Consulting